Norfolk top the table and qualify for the National Finals

John Tavener's Seniors top the league after a nip and tuck battle with Bedfordshire at Gog Magog Golf Club.

County President, Robert Barnard, arrived late morning and watched four out of five Norfolk pairs get a point

At this stage Norfolk had 4 points to Cambridgeshires 3 points.

Drama was to come in the afternoon with a charge from Bedfordshire seeing them on 5 points, half a point behind Norfolk with one match to left on the course. Captain Jon Taverner and Neal Milton only needed a half against Carmine Di Salvo and Richard Harris representing Bedfordshire to ensure Norfolk finished top of the table, a loss would see Bedfordshire topping the table. However, they arrived at the 18th tee one down, the tension of the occasion was palpable but a battling 7 was good enough to secure the half.

The Norfolk team now progress to the National Finals in Hampshire in September.

Full results;
Adrian Myhill & Alistair Pykett beat Paul Sennet & Tracy White (Bedfodshire)
John Little & Mark Skipper beat Steve Mann & Gary Seaman (Suffolk)
John Tavener & Neal Milton lost to Graham Goodman & Paul Izzard (Cambridgeshire)
Simon Butts & Mark Jennings beat Colin Beard & Andy Brown (Bedfordshire)
Phil Brown & David Hewison beat Roger Taylor & Kevin Brooks (Suffolk)

Adrian Myhill & Alistair Pykett lost to James O'Docherty & John Newson (Suffolk)
John Little & Mark Skipper beat Steve Plumb & Stephen Hedges (Cambridgeshire)
John Tavener & Neal Milton halved with Carmine Di Salvo & Richard Harris (Bedfordshire)
Simon Butts & Mark Jennings lost to Simon Bearman & Trevor Hellyer (Suffolk)
Phil Brown & David Hewison halved with Terry Ryan & Andrew Petrie (Cambridgeshire)

Total Points


Held at Kingsthorpe Golf Club

The County seniors thrd match of the league season took place at Kingsthorpe Golf Club in the heart of Northampton. A short and quirky course would be the best way to describe it with no prizes for errant drives.

The morning foursomes got off to a good start with Jon Baker Odlin and Mark Williamson victorious over the Northants top pairing by 3 and 1. Further down the pairings wins for John Tavener and David Pattrick, 2 and 1 and Mark Jennings and newcomer Dave Hewson 1 hole meant Norfolk led at the interval by 3 matches to 2.

The afternoon started off in damp and dreary conditions with Baker Odlin recording another win and Jennings beating the home stalwart in a close match by 1 hole. More wins followed for Mark Williamson, John Little and Mark Skipper. John Tavener and David Pattrick followed up their morning victory with wins to secure a 7-3 win in the singles with an over all match result of 10-5 in favour of Norfolk.

With one match left to play in the league Norfolk find themselves tied at the top with the opportunity to win should they beat Lincolnshire at Hunstanton on 15th September.

Match details,
Northants names first

Alan Freeman and Mike Burnhope lost to Jon Baker-Odlin and Mark Williamson 3/1
Brendon Moss and Dominic Jessup beat John Little and Mark Skipper 3/2
Alistair Heslop and Dennis Mathers beat Richard Oakes and Alistair Pykett 2'1
Mick Barnett and Ian Townsend lost to John Tavener and David Pattrick 2/1
Steve Brightmore and Simon Orrey lost to Mark Jennings and Dave Hewson 1 hole

Moss lost to Baker Odlin 3/2
Burnhope lost to Jennings 1 hole
Jessup lost to Williamson 2/1
Freeman lost to Little 2/1
Heslop lost to Skipper 4/3
Mathers beat Oakes 1 hole
Barnett lost to Tavener 2 holes
Brightmore lost to Pattrick 4/3
Orrey beat Pykett 6/4
Townsend beat Hewson 5/4

Match result
Northants 5, Norfolk 10


Held at The Old Course, Gog Magog

The second of Norfolk Seniors league matches saw totally different weather to the first. Played in glorious sunshine over the lovely Old Course at Gog Magog the foursomes were closely contested.

Jon Baker Odlin and Simon Butts won the top match and Adrian Myhill and Mark Jennings won their match on the last hole with a 20 foot birdie putt holed by Mark to seal the win.

Cambridgeshire led 3-2 at lunch.

Norfolk got off to a fast start in the afternoon singles with wins for Baker-Odlin and Butts who remains unbeaten for the season thus far. Further wins for John Little and Mark Williamson saw the away team take a 6-3 lead.

The remaining 6 matches only needed 2 more successes to gain the overall win in the match, but all 6 players succumbed to the more experienced Cambridgeshire team.

The final match score was a 9-6 win to the home team. Foursomes (Norfolk names first)
J Baker-Odlin and S Butts beat T Ryan and S Hedges 2/1
M Williamson and J Little lost to D Haynes and K Moore 2/1
R Oakes and A Pykett lost to J Yuill and A Petrie 3/2
A Myhill and M Jennings beat G Collins and S Plumb 1 up
N Milton and J Tavener lost to G Goodman and P Izzard 3/2

J Baker-Odlin beat S Hedges 2/1
S Butts beat D Haynes 4/3
J Little beat T Ryan 2/1
M Williamson beat K Moore 4/3
A Myhill lost to P Izzard 2/1
M Jennings lost to A Petrie 3/2
R Oakes lost to J Yuill 4/3
A Pykett lost to S Plumb 2/1
N Milton lost to G Goodman 2 down
J Tavener lost to G Collins 1 down


Held at Sheringham Golf Club

Norfolk v Suffolk Sheringham 20th May 2021

The first competitive match in a very long time for the Norfolk County seniors took place at Sheringham Golf Club against a team from Suffolk. The weather for the most part of the day would be best described as less than seasonal.

Norfolk secured 2 wins in the morning foursomes thanks to Mark Williamson and Simon Butts win against the seasoned Suffolk pair of Roger Taylor and Steve Whymark and then John Little and Martin Jones with a magnificent 5 and 3 victory over Paul Buckle and Trevor Hellyer A halved game for Neal Milton and Gary Brayshaw meant the match was tied at lunch

The weather deteriorated in the afternoon with strong wind and heavy rain making conditions interesting. Wins for Jon Baker-Odlin, Butts and Little got the home team off to a fast start and they were followed further into the line up with wins for David Pattrick, John Tavener and another for Jones. Notably, in the match, there was a contribution from every player in the Norfolk team towards the winning score of 9.5 to 5.5

The next match is away to Cambridgeshire on 15th June

Foursomes (Norfolk names first)
J Baker-Odlin and A Myhill lost to J O'Dougherty and J Newsome 1 down
M Williamson and S Butts beat R Taylor and S Whymark 3/2
J Little and M Jones beat P Buckle and T Hellyer 5/3
J Tavener and D Pattrick lost to S Bearman and S Dufferty 2/1
N Milton and G Brayshaw halved with S Crosby and S Mann

J Baker-Odlin beat J O'Dougherty 3/2
S Butts beat J Newsome 2 up
J Little beat S Bearman 2/1
M Williamson halved with P Buckle
A Myhill halved with S Whymark
N Milton lost to S Dufferty 3/1
D Pattrick beat R Taylor 2/1
J Tavener beat T Hellyer 2 up
M Jones beat S Mann 3/2
G Brayshaw lost to S Crosby 4/2

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